Registration, Fee and Participation Forms

Participants must register on-line and choose the activities they want to be involved in. After registration, they will receive an auto-reply stating the submission of the registration. The participants will then receive an email from the organization committee confirming that they are registered in the event. Registration and participation is free of charge.


There are two types of participants:

  • "Regular Participant in Conference" – access to:

- Open Sessions
- Technology Showroom & Business Showcase (as a participant)
- Action Tank sessions (as a listener)

  • Complimentary Exhibitor in Conference” – access to:

- pre-scheduled Individual Meetings
- Technology Showroom & Business Showcase (as an exhibitor)
- Action Tank sessions (as a speaker)
- all activities mentioned above for sponsors of the event


1. Registration as exhibitors at the Technology Showroom & Business Showcase

Exhibition will be located at the Education and Congress Centre. The Exhibition areas are easily accessible to all participants. If you have any technology you want to present, please choose this option in the on-line registration form for participants.

2. Registration for the Action Tank Sessions, Open Sessions and Networking activities

Although the participation is free of charge, registration is mandatory even for participation in Action Tank Sessions, Open Sessions, Complementary Events and Networking activities.

3. Registration Deadline

On-line registration is open since April 15th until June 25th, 2018.

4. Cancellation Policy

Cancellations by participating institutions that registered on-line must be made in writing and  send to until June 25th, 2018.

5. Registration Fee


6. Rights and Responsibilities

The organization reserves the right to change some of the information or conditions hereby provided, and to cancel, change or move a reservation to another room or another booth whenever required. Every effort will be made to notify the institutions about any schedule changes or cancellations.

7. Registration form

By filling out this registration form, you have acquainted and agree with BIN@ privacy statement.

Registration form for the BIN@Gliwice can be found here

You can register only to our database to receive further information: register

You can always remove your registration from database by clicking: unregister



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