This year’s International Conference and Meeting BIN@ (Business & Innovation Network) is organised by the Silesian University of Technology and Regional Contact Point in Gliwice, Poland under Honorary Patronate of Rector of the Silesian University of Technology and Marshal of the Silesian Vivodeship Wojciech Sa?uga.

The goal of the Conference is to connect partners across different disciplines and industry sectors to create opportunities for collaboration and cooperation, as well as support partnerships in order to deliver value and impact.

Presentations and discussions will focus on current challenges and solutions in the field of science and technology, as well as combining partners and creating consortiums for future projects.


  1. Circular Economy – Exploring challenges of circular economy in key industrial sectors, e.g. Automotive, Bioengineering, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Power Engineering, Raw Materials, etc.
  2. Industry 4.0 – Exploring trends, achievements and influence on Automotive, Smart City, Smart Mobility, Mechatronics, Education - Dual studies.
  3. Creative Technologies – Exploring emerging technologies: Gaming, Augmented Reality, BIM.


BIN@Gliwice will include:

  • Technologies Showroom
  • Business Showcase
  • Action Tank Sessions
  • Open Sessions
  • Several networking activities
  • Complementary Events


Technologies Showroom
The delegates will have the opportunity to present or visit a wide group of technology showcases and some technology demonstration / simulation. Any delegate can propose technologies to be presented, free of charge.


Business Showcase
The Business Showcase will occur interlinked with the Technologies Showroom and includes B2B meetings and institutional showcases. 
The delegates have the opportunity (optional) to be present with a institutional showcase, free of charge, which offers the perfect spot for the companies to promote their expertise, their products and their projects, to interact with the other partners and with the academic and scientific community and to do business. All the participants can also, if they choose, submit us a partner search in order for us to promote the matching. If the matching proves to be successful we will pre-schedule B2B meetings.


Action Tank Sessions
Think - action tanks devoted to the problems of the main industry sectors represented in the Silesia Voivodeship (energy, automotive industry, waste management, fuel sector, production automation, construction, etc.)

Open Sessions

These sessions are a space of debate, ideas' exchange or source of information about the topics:

  • Industry 4.0 and the Closed Circulation Economy
  • Ecology and Environmental Protection
  • Social Chalanges related to Education
  • Aging Societes and Adaptation to New Technologies
  • New Perspectives for Financing from the European Commission



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